Vedanta Ltd has informed BSE that the Company has fixed October 22, 2018 as the Record Date for the purpose of Redemption & Dividend on Preference Shares. The floor price is Rs 87.50 while the closing price is Rs 135. 2) Vedanta also puts in Rs. The term Vedanta means in Sanskrit the “conclusion” (anta) of the Vedas, the earliest sacred literature of India. Here is a quick reminder of what happened 17 years ago: An Individual With That Big An Investment Doesn't Waste His Time Seeking Help And Publicize On Quora!!! Promoters of the company needed 134.1 crore shares to complete the delisting process. Number of shares = 980 croreFace Value: 20 paise per share. The promoter first cut the book value of the company before delisting so he could start at a lower price of 87. At this point Vedanta will infuse Rs 1,805 crore towards fresh equity. Shares of commodity major Vedanta dropped as much as 15 per cent on Wednesday on concerns that the delisting attempt may fall through. Public Shareholders: Holders of Equity Shares, other than the following: promoters, promoter group and persons acting in concert with them; and; holders of depository receipts issued overseas against Equity Shares held with a custodian (i.e., the American Depository Shares issued by the Company ("ADS")) and such custodian holding the Equity Shares. Then again, in April 2010, as the stock market began its slow recovery, the Vedanta share price crashed. Re: Issue of equity shares (New Equity) and Non-Convertible Non-Cumulative Redeemable Preference Shares (RPS) pursuant to the Scheme of Arrangement between Cairn India Limited (Cairn) and Vedanta Limited (Vedanta/ Company) and their respective shareholders and creditors ('Scheme'). However, the promoters can make a counter-offer within two working days. They had even have raised $3.15 billion (about Rs 24,000 crore) to fund the delisting. Vedanta, which was trading on both the exchanges went for voluntary delisting of its shares from the share market. No final application would be made to delist any of the shares on these bourses, nor for deregistration of equity shares with the SEC. Number of shares = … This Is Meant To Insult And Shame Average Retail Investors On Quora. The company’s reverse book building process went on from 5th-9th October, and only 125.47 crore shares were given up by public shareholders compared to the 134.12 crore they needed to cross the 90% threshold. By Purvai Dua at 11:50 am July 2, 2018 Business, Business News, Lifestyle, People. Most numbers of 21.51 crore shares were offered at a price of Rs 160 per share, followed by 18.9 crore shares at Rs 145 and another 10.87 crore shares being offered at a price of Rs 153 apiece. That will be reduced to 20 paise per share. Of the 73.76 crore shares tendered, 15.5 crore or 21% were offered at below Rs 140 and 51.1 crore between Rs 140 and Rs 160. I am also holding 745 shares at Rs.116.50 avg price per share. Most people were tendering at 150-160 but LIC, which owns a large chunk of shares, offered them at 320. (Photographer: Waldo Swiegers/Bloomberg). What happened. How should the investors see this? Discovered price refers to the bid prices of the shares that help the delisting process cross its acceptance level, which was 134.1 crore shares in the case of Vedanta. What happened with Vedanta? After this announcement broke out, shares of Vedanta saw a fall of 20.43% to Rs 96.95 on 12th October. 3515 cr. Thereafter, Vedanta will pay existing shareholders 9.54 paise per share to … After this announcement broke out, shares of Vedanta saw a fall of 20.43% to Rs 96.95 on 12th October. The company went public in 1981 with 42,000 Indian shareholders, ... HZL's equity shares are listed and traded on the NSE and BSE.