Current setting. MCQ's Search Engine. 1.A single phasing relay can be used with. Switchgear and Protection MCQ Objective questions & answers are available for a Electrical Engineering students to clear various technical interview, competitive examination, and another entrance exam. (b) … Subscribe To Posts Comments Archive. away from the bus. Which relay is used for protection of feeders? Pick Up Current of… 9 Automobile Engineering. Provide additional safety to the circuit breaker in its operation. (a) limit the current. B. relay computer interface equipment (1) (surge withstand capability) A device that interconnects a protective relay system to an independent computer, for example, an analog to digital converter, a scanner, a buffer amplifier. (16) 7. 8 15. Electrical Engineering. ... ⇒ Directional relays are based on flow of power current voltage wave all of the above ⇒ SF 6 gas is yellow in colour is lighter than air is nontoxic Which of the following relay is used for anti-motoring Protection Scheme? How many relays are used to detect interphase fault of a three line system? 24. A. B. What Is The Operation Principle Of Differential Relay? An integrating circuit . C. Plain impedance relay. It is a gas actuated device; It is a current operative device; It is placed between the transformer tank and the conservator For understanding the need of Directional Relay we consider a power system as shown in figure below. Biased differential relay. For fault at F1, Relay R2 is supposed to pick-up and operate the circuit breaker. Why Directional Relay? (16) 8. There is one type of relay which functions depending upon the distance of fault in the line. Thermal overload relays are used to protect the motor against over current due to ... Directional relays are based on flow of ---(a) voltage (b) current (c) power ... Power Electronics mcq power electronics multiple choice questions - 1. Which of the following is not a kind of relay on the basis of constructional feature, 2. How many relays are used to detect the interphase fault of three-phase systems? Harikesh Yadav November 1, 2016 General, ONLINE MCQ EE – Circuit Breakers Part Four (Fill In The Blank) A sudden short-circuit in an ac system causes a rise in _____ in the short-circuited phase. Discrimination between main and back up protection is provided by the use of relays which are (A) Fact (B) Sensitive (C) Slow (D) None of the above. (16) 5. Relay using induction disk principle operate, What is Diagonal Matrix? 10 There are a variety of concepts by which this task is done. 18. C. Thermal Relays. A. impedance relay . C. OHM relay . B. Directional overcurrent relay. The pickup value of current is; 2 The instantaneous relays used for earth fault detection in motors is usually set to _____; 3 The term effective earthing refers to the earthing which is done through; 4 The component which provides a signal to circuit breaker under the fault condition Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Satellite Communication. Question 15 : Directional over current relay is used for protection of: Option-1 : Long transforming line : Option-2 : Large power transformer: Option-3 : Ring main distribution line: Option-4 : … (b) interrupt the circuit. By burden on the relay, we generally mean, 11. Which of the following statement is true? Abstract – Directional overcurrent relaying (67) refers to relaying that can use the phase relationship of voltage and current to determine direction to a fault. In a static over current relay, inverse time characteristics are obtained by . Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) of Electronics page-17:241. 23. (16) 4. Relays can be designed to respond to changes in, < Distance relaying. For proper understanding, the functions of different protective relays, the definition of such terms must be understood properly. Pilot relaying schemes are used for the protection of, 7. 11. Directional over current relays operate in either forward or reverse directions with over current protection. ... Directional overcurrent relays have two exciting coils connected across. A. Buchholz relay is a device which is used for the protection of transformer from its internal faults, it is a gas based relay. Question is ⇒ Admittance relay is ____ relay., Options are ⇒ (A) impedance, (B) directional, (C) non-directional, (D) none of the above, (E) , Leave your comments or Download question paper. 4 It is set such to actuate for faults occurring in one particular direction only. For the protection of stator winding of an alternator against internal fault involving ground, the relay used is a. One relay can provide backup protection simultaneously to different pieces of system equipment. 1 An overcurrent relay having a current setting of 150% is connected through a 400/5 CT. Pilot protection. Relays Quiz Questions Answers ) Search for: Related Pages. 1 Equally the same equipment can have a number of different backup protection relays and it is quite common for a relay to act as primary protection for one piece of … Plug setting multiplier (PSM). Positive B. The directional overcurrent protection comprises which of the following relay: An overcurrent relay A power directional relay Both of these 7 D. Buchholz relay. Electrical Engineering. Write a detailed note on differential relays. Next>, Enter the code above here : Describe the construction and principle of operation of an induction type directional over current relay. Such terms are, Pick up current. D. Single Pole Relays. Directional overcurrent Relays. 18. Now suppose ... Read more How Directional Feature Incorporated in a Relay? Can't read the image? A transistor amplifier . A. Nondirectional relays at the source end and directional relay at the load end B. Nondirectional relay at both ends C. Directional relay at source end and nondirectional relay at load end D. Directional relay at both ends SSC JE Electrical Important MCQ PDF Part 25 1.Refer to the two magnetically coupled coils of Fig. Answer/ Hint a) The saturation voltage V CF of silicon transistor is more than germanium transistor. The directional relay is connected in series with the Overcurrent relay so that the trip command is only given if there is a fault and also flow of power due to the fault in the forward direction, i.e. Conversely, if the relay set in Reverse direction means if a fault occurs in reverse zone then only relay operates. 2. (16) 6. A relay with inherent directional characteristic. differential relay operates when the phasor … Online MCQ EE-Circuit Breakers Part Four. The following statements associated with buchholtz relays is not true. The following statements associated with buchholtz relays is not true, 12. (a) Reactance relay. 5. Translate. A type of relaying which is responsive to the direction of the flow of power and line impedance is normally designed as. Burden of a protective relay is the power (a) required to operate the circuit breaker (b) absorbed by the circuit of relay (c) developed by the relay circuit (d) none of the above Ans: b. A circuit breaker is a device used to. The transmission line distance protection relay having the property of being inherently directional is. 6 These relays are known as distance relay or impedance relay. D. A differentiating circuit | Inverse & Examples, Advantages and Disadvantages of 3D Printing, Directional restrained over current relay, Directional restrained over voltage relay, Connected in pipe connecting transformer and conservator, Part of circuit breaker installed near transformer, It is placed between the transformer tank and the conservator, It causes alarm for minor fault and tripping for major fault. Contents. Distance relay operates whenever the impedance seen (V/I) seen by the relay is less than the specified set value. b. MCQ's Search Engine. A negative sequence relay is commonly used to protect GATE EE 2011 | Switch Gear and Protection | Power System Analysis | GATE EE ... MCQ (Single Correct Answer) GATE EE 2008. 2 For protection of parallel feeders fed from one end the relays required are: a. Non-directional relays at the source end and directional relays at the load end. Close the contacts when the actuating quantity attains a certain predetermined value. 60. b. Non-directional relays at both the ends. Click here to refresh, © 2015 - 2020 This Content is copyrighted By |All Rights Reserved. 17. Reach is the limiting distance covered by the relay for protection of line. directional relay. a) 1ɸ motor b) 2 r ɸ motor c) 3 ɸ motor d) All of these Ans: (c) 2. This paper will review the mainstream methods by which 67 type directional decisions are made by protective relays. Civil Engineering. The polarity of the mutual voltage is A. 1. Mechanical Engineering. 3 Valves are defined as devices to control, or regulate the commencement and ——- of air. Valves Objective Questions. d. Directional relay at both the ends. A. Civil Engineering. For protection of parallel feeders fed from one end, the relays required are . Mechanical Engineering. Explain the working principle of distance relays.